The Finer Pointe programme


Pointe work preparation and conditioning for ages 8+

This leading programme is designed to help prevent injuries and improve dancers’ strength alignment and weight placement for pointe work. It combines online support, individual assessment and feedback. It is an adjunct to your training and not a replacement for your regular dance classes. It is currently taught at the New Zealand School of Dance and many other leading dance schools.

If you cannot take our regular group classes the finerPointe programme can stand alone as an online homework programme. This programme may be supported by online assessment and private classes when possible.

About the programme.

  • The finerPointe programme has 5 syllabus levels (the introductory level requires no pointe work, level 1 has a small amount).
  • All dancers start at beginners level, but older dancers are expected to progress more quickly (so a 10 year old is expected to do one level each year).
  • The exercises are designed to be performed at home and as a pre-class warm up, at regular intervals in any week .
  • Ideally the homework is supported by finerPointe classes in our studio, or by your dance teacher, for closer monitoring of technique.
  • We offer teacher workshops on this programme, contact for more information.

Why is this programme important for young dancers?

  • Around 75% of dance injuries affect the knee and lower leg
  • Injury rates peak during adolescence
  • Studies show ballet dancers' calves and other key muscles, are relatively weak for the load required in performance
  • All major pre-professional dance schools now provide supplementary conditioning and strength training
  • Dance classes develop skill, coordination and musicality, but typically are not structured to increase strength and stability to the level desired for performance load
  • Changes in bone structures to increase joint range of movement are limited after age 12
  • Changes in the nervous system make ages 10-16 critical for acquiring the correct movement patterns for ingrained automatic movement

Why this programme?

  • Our flexible online environment allows us to individually tailor homework programmes if necessary.
  • The homework programmes are supported by a medium today's young dancers understand, the online photos and video are familiar and fun and make it easy for us to modify the syllabus to keep up with the latest dance medicine and science findings.
  • Each level is divided into 5 sections, the goals of which are clear and easy to comprehend.
  • The programme is designed to be time effective and fit around the demands of dance, academic study and other activities.
  • Our assessments provide individualised feedback on improvements and areas to improve.
  • Our assessments also use photographs and video (within a secure environment) so dancers can see for themselves where they have improved or need to improve.
  • The structure of the programme reinforces the concept of deliberate as opposed to repetitive practise, showing dancers how to deconstruct a movement then reconstruct it and reintegrate into functional dance movement.
  • It improves alignment and activation of correct muscles as well as strength.

How do I start?

Please contact the studio ( and let us know if you would like to join classes, or you can book in for an assessment and introduction to the online programme.

If you cannot make it in to the studio, please email and we will get you going on which hosts our online programs. Online mentoring by Dance Pilates instructors is available through Movitae.







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