Studio pricing for dance students:

    Pilates Equipment Based Studio sessions:  
    Initial consultation $105
    Casual drop-in rate (subject to availability) $37 per class
    Membership (1/2/3 group sessions per week) $37/$72/$102 per week
    Family/sibiling membership (1/2/3 group sessions p/w per family) $37/$72/$102 per week

    *click on terms and conditions below for membership terms

    Per 9 week school term - 1 group session per week $390
    Per 9 week school term - 2 group sessions per week $740
    *classes paid for by school term are non-transferable and non-refundable  
    High performance students:  

    Unlimited weekly classes - subject to availability , please apply

    $120 per week

    Finer classes:  

    finerJump and finerPointe programmes *finer programmes run per school term - they are non-transferable and non-refundable.

    $315 (9 weeks)

    Dance technique/private Pilates:

    45 mins

    30 mins