Dance Pilates offers:

The classes:

  • Group 'Studio' Pilates sessions (ages 7+)
  • Specific dance programmes: Finer Jump, Finer Turnout and Finer Pointe
  • Interactive online omework programmes, with instructor support via
  • Workshops (teachers, please request one for your dance school)

The environment:

  • A secure online environment for dancers to build on their knowledge and track their assessments and progress throughout their dance careers.
  • An extensive range of Pilates equipment (reformers, trapeze table, ladder barrel, combo chair + accessories) to facilitate the correct movement patterns, strengthen, develop proprioception and aid flexibility.

The repertoire is age and stage appropriate. Small classes (typically 4 students) enable all exercises to be tailored to each dancer's needs. The repertiore lets students experience stability, flexibility, endurance and balance exercises that are functional for dance. Our teachers foucs on skill transference into dance practise for each student.

The classes and programmes (please see Rates page for fees):

Studio pilates sessions - (60mins), These equipment based sessions are great for injury prevention, core stabiltiy and safe access to movement ranges required for dance. Studio sessions are tailored to individual needs.

The finerPointe programme (60min classes)- This is a dance conditioning syllabus with 5 levels, which incorporates individual assessment and an online homework programme, designed to improve dancers strength and control for pointe work. Find out more...

The finerJump programme (60min classes) - A dance programme which incorporates assessment and an online homework programme. Find out more...

finerTurnout (60mins) - These classes aim to help you improve your turnout in a way that is functional and translates directly to your dance class.

*Note all 'Finer' classes run per school term. Classes are non-transferable, term payments are non-refundable and missed sessions cannot be made up at other times. However, group studio sessions, if you are a member, may be transferred and taken at a different time within a month.

How do the 'Studio' Pilates groups work?

Dancers start with a 1:1 session before going into a group.

In a group class, the sessions are individually tailored, each dancer works on their own programme and at their own pace. You will be fully supervised with your instructor guiding you through your session. Your instructor will progress you as you gain competence and with time you will be able to take more ownership of your programme. We also provide the option of regular reviews to assess your progress and goals.

Sessions are 60 mins long.

Please email for more information